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Bon Appétit focuses on what’s “now” in the world of food, drink, and entertaining, while still giving readers valuable cooking tools, tips, and most of all, recipes. This food lifestyle publication looks at life through the lens of food & cooking in, dining out, travel, entertainment, shopping and design.

From the Editor • Editor in chief Dawn Davis shares what’s on her mind and gets a little help and intel from the BA test kitchen

What I’m Loving • My (slightly biased) podcast pick

Table Talk

Sour Stalks • This pretty-in-pink, hyper-seasonal beauty is so much more versatile than you know

Best Served Cold • QUICK AND EASY WEEKNIGHT MEALS • Trust me, when temperatures rise, eating cold food for dinner is the move. Embracing the chill doesn’t have to mean muted flavors straight from the fridge or exclusively eating salads. It’s about making mealtime more flexible: no need to worry about serving dinner while it’s still hot (hello, anxiety-free hosting) or overheating in the kitchen just before sitting down. These four recipes lean on familiar techniques plus flavor-boosting pantry staples like pickled cherry peppers and fish sauce to keep the need for heat to a minimum. So when dinnertime rolls around, there’s no need to sweat it.

Sweet Life in Sonoma • After decades of cooking (and eating) in bustling London and San Francisco, chef David Lawrence shares the spots that have made him want to call wine country home

A World Apart • My Egyptian family was eager to meet my American husband - but what would they feed him?

Wiggle Room • The Jell-O shot’s reincarnation is edible art

Wow Factors • Indoors and out, designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard is inspired by Old Hollywood glamour

For the Love of Lubbock • At The Nicolett in northwest Texas, rustic terra-cotta architecture meets classic Texan charm

A CHOSEN-FAMILY COOKOUT • Sticky-sweet ribs, peachy kale salad, and live music are on the menu when chef and cookbook author TANYA HOLLAND gathers her close friends

SALAD PASTA > PASTA SALAD • Get generous with produce to give this summer staple a new lease on life

Stop and Smell the Strawberries • First stop: the farmers market, so you can make these sweet and juicy recipes

The Berry Best Treatment • How to choose and care for your strawberries

YOGURT’S INFINITE VIRTUES • Homa Dashtaki’s exquisite yogurt line, The White Moustache, has more than earned its cult following. Here the Yogurt & Whey author shares the many-sided pleasures of cooking with her beloved ingredient - whether plain, strained, savory, or sweet

A Little Extra • According to associate food editor Kendra Vaculin, nothing says summer hosting like going BIG. With her tips for creating epic spreads, major desserts, and the vibes to match, consider this your guide to doing the most

It’s Okay to Break a Glass at Eva Longoria’s Party • Margaritas and decolonized Mexican food are on the actor-director’s menu