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Widely regarded as the Vogue of the gardening press, Gardens Illustrated aims to inspire you with an eclectic and international editorial mix of remarkable places, plants and people. With superb photography, authoritative journalism and exceptional design, this award-winning magazine is a style bible for garden designers, garden lovers and enthusiasts alike.



Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Dutch Design • Join Keith Wiley on a five-day garden tour to explore the gardens of some of the leading names in Dutch horticulture and garden design

DIG IN • What’s new, what’s growing and what’s going on this month

KITTED OUT • For beautiful topiary and trimmed, healthy hedges

June plants • In early summer, head gardener Åsa Gregers-Warg is spoilt for choice with a fabulous mix of richly coloured and delicate flowers, fabulous foliage and silky tactile grasses

Places to visit • Åsa’s recommendations for places to see seasonal plants at their best

ADDED INTEREST? • Columnist Ken Thompson urges caution over so-called miracle garden products; they’re not always all they’re cracked up to be

CECILY WITHALL • Kew’s first female climbing arborist since the 1980s, Cecily is part of a team that maintains the botanical garden’s impressive collection of 12,000 trees

True grit • Swedish plantsman Peter Korn is a pioneer of growing in sand, and his glorious new garden near Malmo is testament to its success

GEUM • Offering flowers from late spring into summer, this varied genus of hardy perennials is deservedly growing in popularity

How to grow Geum

Pale and interesting • A sense of tranquillity is the guiding principle in this beautifully realised white garden, with an elegant, pared-back planting palette

PAOLO PEJRONE • The legendary Italian designer, who thinks of himself primarily as a gardener, on the importance of keeping gardens bold and simple, and working with nature in adapting to climate change

Wild dreams • The mix of varied growing conditions in this ebulliently planted garden in East Sussex helped to forge an ecological vision and approach to gardening that benefits wildlife

Good enough to eat • Many of this year’s RHS Chelsea show gardens featured ‘edimentals’ - plants that are both edible and ornamental, beautiful and tasty. We asked three expert growers to recommend their favourite edimentals

Mixed blessings • In a quiet corner of Essex, designer Stefano Marinaz has replaced a lawn and parking space with a naturalistic garden of mixed planting that offers interest all year

Nature first • Around the Neoclassical home of Jade and Julian Dunkerton, Urquhart & Hunt has designed a garden that works in harmony with a variety of wildlife

Gathering attention • As garden designers start to reappraise lilacs, we take a look at the fascinating French history of the once ubiquitous English garden shrub and re-examine some forgotten cultivars

Change of tune • In this small Dutch garden, designer Jelle Koot has used a simple rhythm of repeated plants to create a calming, cohesive scheme

Floral flavours • Adding common flowers, such as marigolds, carnations, nasturtiums and dahlias, to your recipes can bring a delicious twist to the simplest of dishes

Recipes • These three recipes from chef Erin Bunting show how using flowers not only brings an element of beauty to the food on our plates, but can offer new and exciting flavours too

Design • News, garden design insight and sourcebook

FLOW STATE • Designer James Basson has created a bold walled garden in Provence that reflects the canals and fields of the local landscape

Garden studios • Find your perfect work space with our selection of…