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Girls' World is a children’s magazine for girls ages 7-12. It’s filled with crafts, party ideas for fun with friends, and advice for everything in a girl’s life! It’s designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, and recipes.

Girls' World

Field Day Fun! • Let the games begin because these drawings are too much fun!

Make a piñata garland! • Craft this for your next party - or just because!

Let’s Bounce! • Jump in to this drawing tutorial!

Chocolate Chip Candy COOKIES! • These chewy, chocolately, colorful cookies are a real treat!

THROW A PIRATE PARTY! • Shiver me timbers! This bash will have your guests feeling like they found buried treasure!

The Little Mermaid’s MAKING A Splash! • Learn more about our new Ariel, Halle Bailey, and the live-action movie!

What’s your ASTRONAUT name? • Earth to Mission Control - we’ve got a new nickname for you!

Sunny Day SPINNER! • Need an idea for something fun to do this summer? This spinner will guide the way!

Make someone SMILE! • Make a dad joke teller for Father’s Day on June 18!

Amazing ADVICE • Never fear! Girls’ World is here to help solve your trickiest problems.

Girl Power ACCORDING TO GABRIELLE NEVAEH GREEN! • The Nickelodeon star has a lot to say about this topic!

Your FAVORITE STARS! • See who Girls’ World caught on camera!

WHAT’S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE FOOD? • This is the one item these stars don’t like to eat. What’s yours?

How do you BOND WITH YOUR BESTIE? • Check! Pick three items you’d want to bring with you on a playdate with your BFF!

A Sneak Peek at HAILEY’S ON IT! • This new show follows Hailey, a teenager who’s determined to accomplish everything on her to-do list - even if she’s a little scared - in order to save the world! GW’s got the scoop right from Hailey and her crew!

Flower Power • Your favorite stars have fun with florals!

SCORE LEIGHA’S LOOK • She looks like a million bucks, but these pieces aren’t pricey!

BE A designer • We found clothes and accessories to match your drawing!


Keep IN Touch! • Use these addresses to send a letter to your favorite celebs!


11 Awesome Posters


WHAT’S YOUR SPIDEY SENSE? • Spider-Man has special Spidey senses that make him a hero - find out what yours are!

Wild Water Rides! • Check out these cool rides from water parks around the world!

SOUND OFF! • Want to get in tune with your friends? Play this fun game during your next hangout!

GAME ON! • “Yes, that’s a new high score!” Winnie Douglas cheered, not caring who else in the arcade heard her.

YOUR WORLD OF FUN! • Games, puzzles and jokes just for you!

THE MISSING SKATEBOARD • Cat knows she left her skateboard by the jungle gym, so where did it go?

YOU YOUR BEST FRIENDS • There’s nothing better than having a best friend!

YOU said it! • Check out the results of our latest poll!

MORTIFYING MOMENTS • Readers share their real-life, totally embarrassing (but so funny!) stories.

Which is WORSE? • These picks are absolutely the pits! Choose the dilemma you’d rather deal with.

Celebrate the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER • Summer officially starts June 21! Which of these fun things will you do to kick off the sunny season?

TRICKY SCIENCE QUESTIONS - ANSWERED! • GW gives you the lowdown on some of the world’s most mind-boggling mysteries!

FIRST PLACE FRENCHIES! • There’s a new top dog in town!