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The Power of Pride

Morning, Sunshine! Here’s the Literal First Thing You Should Do • (After hitting snooze four times but before checking your phone.)

If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Queue • Your content is about to become a little spicy.

Get Lit

So I Talked to Sasha Velour and… • …it got a little NSFW, in the best possible way.

Critical Thinking

All Denim Everything • The jean renaissance is upon us, and no, the glory of this textile will never ever die.

How I Cracked the Code for Finding Amazing Plus-Size Formalwear • Aka wedding season doesn’t have to suck.

Wedding Secret Weapons • Slip into these, and you’ll look and feel great.

Your Resortwear Era Is Now • The pool cabana is not ready for this fashion.

What to Wear When You’re Invited to a Wedding Where You Don’t Know Anyone Else and Your Date Forgot What the Dress Code Is • Say it with me: If ever in doubt, stay away from casual.

cosmo’s holy grail beauty awards • The year’s best makeup, skincare, haircare, and more, according to our team of expert editors.

Your Desire Style Is the Key to Hotter Foreplay • To hotter sex in general, really.

A Cautionary Tale About Celebrating With Exes • Columnist Zara Field* gets one step closer to finding what she wants - and what she definitely doesn’t.

How to Actually Meet People in Person • No apps, no swipes, literally just vibes.

Making a Meet-Cute • There’s no secret formula to bumping into the next love of your life, but professional dating coaches Crista Beck and Myisha Battle have a few tips for setting yourself up for success.

The Couples Therapist Will See You Now • Seeking answers to all your juiciest relationship Qs? Same. Luckily for all of us, Cosmo’s advice columnist, therapist Minaa B., knows a thing or two about love, marriage, and messy situationships.

Unpopular Opinion: Travel Dupes Exist • All the vibes, none of the jet lag. And prices that are a little easier on your bank account. Bon voyage!

It’s Not Easy to Step Away From the Fight When the Cause Is So Crucial. But It’s the Best Thing I Ever Did. • Take it from me - there is power in the pause.

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Unlock your membership to get…

Hi, I Coordinate the ~Spicy~ Scenes on Your Fave TV Shows • Six years ago, my job didn’t really exist. Now, Hollywood depends on me to get things right (and also very hot).

Read the Hottest Cosmo Stories Ever • Only the horniest, most lip-biting, most give-you-tingles-down-there hookup stories make it into our collection of Confessays.

Ask Me About the Time I Had to Get Rolled Off the Dance Floor at My Friend’s Wedding • Yes, I had a few vodka sodas. Sue me.

More Messy Moments

Expert Advice* • From Cosmo’s resident celebration connoisseur Rachel Torgerson.

Just a Damn Good Dinner for When You’re in the Mood for Noods • Warning: The dish in this photo - prepared by food columnist Alyse Whitney - is every bit as incredible as it appears.

Alfresco Dining, but Make It Dreamy • Eating outside is the new eating out - prove us wrong. Right. Now draw your eyes…