Tūhono 2022

Cover Image: Tūhono 2022

Whakangā : breath. This theme links the poems in this third edition of Tūhono, submitted by Wellington poets aged 13-18 and collected by Wellington City Libraries throughout November 2022. Poems by writers aged 5-12 are collected in a separate volume. The process of drawing in breath calls to mind the idea of inhaling from the world; creating calm, taking time to stop, slow down, relax, be. While the breath of the world lives in our lungs, we are energised by lives and experiences both our own and those of others, holding within us the insecurities and accomplishments of our pasts, and the anxieties and hopes of our futures. Sometimes, as we exhale this breath of the world, we get lucky, and all of this potential is through some mysterious process transmuted into words we can speak out loud or write on the page. And these exhalations, dear reader, are what you in turn are about to breathe in.