Beautiful Things

Cover Image: Beautiful Things

At twenty-two, Rosalie Harrow is unmarried and near destitute. She has two choices: snag a wealthy gentleman, or take work as a governess. Neither option appeals to headstrong Rosalie. When Rosalie receives an invitation to Alcott Hall, she believes she’s there to meet the Dowager Duchess of Norland. Instead, Rosalie is thrust in the middle of a house party of eligible high society ladies all desperate to win the hand of the new, conveniently single duke. Hilarity ensues as Rosalie dodges the attentions of the officious duke, and weathers the censure of the other guests, all while trying to unravel the mystery of her invitation. And then there’s the gentlemen… The more Rosalie tries to avoid the high society husband hunt, the more she finds herself charmed by three very different men. There’s Lord James, the duke’s younger brother. Lieutenant Renley, recently returned from the West Indies, and begrudgingly looking for a wife of his own. And the tempestuous Mr. Burke, who irks Rosalie to no end. Marriage is a trap and Rosalie will not be easily snared… but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the chase while it lasts. Contains mature themes.