Marikit and the Ocean of Stars

Cover Image: Marikit and the Ocean of Stars

Marikit is used to wearing recycled clothes. Her mother, the best seamstress in the barrio, has become an expert at making do ever since Marikit’s father and brother were lost at sea. But for her tenth birthday, all Marikit wants is something new. So when her mother gifts her a patchwork dress stitched together with leftover scraps from her workshop, Marikit vows to never wear it. That is, until the eve of her birthday, when shadow creatures creep into their home and upend the only life she’s ever known. When she’s swept away from the human world, Marikit discovers that her dress is a map, one lovingly crafted to lead her to safety in the magical lands of the Engkantos. She trudges through the enchanted domains of mythical creatures, making friends out of monsters and challenging gods. With the help of her companions, including an exuberant firefly and a cursed boy, Marikit journeys through the Engkantos to find the key to saving her family, all without being eaten alive.