Blind Faith

Cover Image: Blind Faith

“For decades, the unsolved murder of Father Michael Leary has haunted Billings, Montana, the community he served. Who summoned the priest late one autumn night, then left his body in a sandstone gully for the ravens and other wild scavengers? And it’s haunted no one more than Lindsay Keller, who admired and confided in him as a teenager. Compelled by his example to work for justice, she became a prosecutor. But after a devastating case left her shattered, she fled the rough-and-tumble for the safety of a desk, handling real-estate deals and historic preservation projects. It’s good work, but not what she’d dreamed of. Now Lindsay finds herself in possession of the priest’s wallet, the photo of a young girl tucked inside. She’s sure that she knows the girl and that it’s tied to his death. But how? Detective Brian Donovan, a hot-shot Boston transplant, would like nothing more than to solve the county’s coldest case. Probing the life and death of Father Leary takes Lindsay and Donovan deep into long-simmering tensions in this seemingly peaceful place. Then another woman far away digs up unexpected clues about her own family’s past - a history rooted in a shocking truth - and her questions bring her to Lindsay and the detective. But the dangerous answers could rock the community to its very core.”