The Paris Mystery

Cover Image: The Paris Mystery

In a city that flouts all the rules, journalist Charlie James has come to Paris to break news and, even more importantly, to break with her past.

‘A superb evocation of pre-war Paris… a mystery I couldn’t put down.’ - Kerry Greenwood

‘A glittering party, a dead body, and a room full of alluring suspects, this book is everything you are looking for. With deft light strokes, Kirsty Manning takes the reader on an Agatha Christie-style journey in 1930s Paris, led by infallible hero, journalist Charlie James. The Paris Mystery will transport, titillate and ultimately, satisfy. Run don’t walk to get your copy!’ - Sally Hepworth, author of The Younger Wife

Paris, 1938. The last sigh of summer before the war.

As Australian journalist Charlotte ‘Charlie’ James alights at the Gare du Nord, ready to start her role as correspondent for The Times, Paris is in turmoil as talk of war becomes increasingly strident.

Charlie is chasing her first big scoop, needing to prove to her boss that she can do this job as well as, if not better than, her male counterparts. And the best way to forge the necessary contacts quickly is to make the well-connected expats, Lord and Lady Ashworth, her business. Lady Eleanor knows everyone who counts and at her annual sumptuously extravagant party, Charlie will meet them all.

On the summer solstice eve, the party is in full swing with the cream of Parisian society entranced by burlesque dancers, tightrope walkers, a jazz band and fireworks lighting the night skies. But as Charlie is drawn into the magical world of parties, couture houses and bohemian wine bars, secrets start to unravel, including her own. Putting a foot wrong could spell death…

In this magnificent new beginning to the joyful Charlie James series, Manning beguiles with glamour and mystery set in pre-war Paris.

‘In the tradition of Agatha Christie… takes readers on a suspenseful ride, filled with twists and turns.’ - Lisa Ireland, author of The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan

‘A stylish, sensual mystery that hums with intrigue and passion… Readers will love Charlie James: glamorous, fearless and taking on the world, glass of champagne in hand.’ - Jane Cockram, author of The Way From Here