Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

Cover Image: Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

A delicious and mouthwatering book about food and family, the complicated love for both, and how that shapes us into who we are… I absolutely loved it! - Valerie Bertinelli

Rabia Chaudry - known from the podcast Serial and her bestselling book, Adnan’s Story, as well as her own wildly popular podcast, Undisclosed - serves up a candid and intimate memoir about food, body image, and growing up in a tight knit but sometimes overly concerned Pakistani immigrant family.

My entire life I have been less fat and more fat, but never not fat. Rabia Chaudry was raised with a lot of love - and that love looked like food. Delicious Pakistani dishes - fresh roti, chaat, pakoras, and shorba - and also Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, and an abundance of American processed foods, as her family discovered its adopted country through its (fast) food.

At the same time, her family was becoming increasingly alarmed about their chubby daughter’s future. Most important, how would she ever get married? In Fatty Fatty Boom Boom, Chaudry chronicles the dozens of times she tried and failed to achieve what she was told was her ideal weight. The truth is, though, she always loved food too much to hold a grudge against it.

At once an ode to Pakistani cuisine, including Chaudry’s favorite recipes; a love letter to her Muslim family both here and in Lahore; and a courageously honest portrait of a woman grappling with a body that gets the job done but refuses to meet the expectations of others. For anyone who has ever been weighed down by their weight - whatever it is - Chaudry shows us how freeing it is to finally make peace with body we have.