Cover Image: Outcasts

Wizards. Prisoners. Preachers. And robots!

They stick out. They change the conversation. They challenge the traditional narrative. They are Outcasts - isolated, different, misunderstood. Being normal is nice. But being outcast is a real part of the human experience. 

Have you have ever had the feeling of being alone in some way, of being on the outside looking in? If so, then the characters in these short stories will move you - sometimes by their depravity, sometimes by their sorrow...and sometimes by their joy.

The Ohio Writers' Association has partnered with Ohio Audiobook Narrators to write and produce these short stories that describe the very human experience of being “Outcast”.

The Priest and the Robot by Joe Graves, narrated by Becky White

The Bear by Devon Ortega, narrated by Gretchen LaBuhn

Tough Luck by Emily E. Jones, narrated by Angus Freathy

Little Jimmy by Carnegie Euclid, narrated by Gretchen LaBuhn

Man in the Box by Diane Callahan, narrated by Doug McDonald

Treetown by David M. Simon, narrated by Gary Leo Smith

The Suitor by Stella Ling, narrated by Beth Kesler

The New Chastisement by Brian Luke, narrated by Gary Leo Smith

Those Who Slip Through by Curtis A. Deeter, narrated by Gary Leo Smith

Sensible Attire by D. Wayne Moore, narrated by Beth Kesler

Good Friday by Krista Hilton, narrated by Angus Freathy

The Fog of Fate by Brian R. Johnson & Elora Lyons, narrated by Angus Freathy

Best If Used By by Mary McFarland, narrated by Becky White

Wake Up, O Sleeper by Brad Pauquette, narrated by Gary Leo Smith

Number 385712 by George Pallas, narrated by Doug McDonald

Axman by Steven Kenneth Smith, narrated by Gary Leo Smith

Parquet to the Past by Mike Sieminski, narrated by Angus Freathy

A Tummy Rub for Gaffney by Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek, narrated by Doug McDonald