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At Cook’s Illustrated, our test cooks are dedicated to testing and retesting recipes 20, 30, sometimes 50 times until we come up with a recipe that will come out right the first time - and every time - you make it. And each issue of Cook’s Illustrated is 100% ADVERTISING FREE, so you get unbiased and objective information on every page. As we like to say at Cook’s Illustrated, “We make the mistakes so you don’t have to.”



Porchetta-Style Turkey Breast • Treat turkey the way Italians do pork, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning, robustly seasoned, entertaining-friendly holiday roast (plus awesome leftovers).


Enjoying Oysters at Home • Oysters are diverse, sustainable, increasingly accessible, and festive - and preparing them in your own kitchen is eminently doable.

HOW TO SHUCK • With an oyster knife, a dish towel, and some practice, you’ll be able to shuck safely and confidently.

For Easy-to-Shuck, Gently Plumped Oysters, Try Roasting • If you’re nervous about shucking or eating raw oysters or simply want a new way to serve them on the half shell, roasting is a great option. Warming them makes them much easier to shuck, and the mustard butter melds with the liquor to form a punchy sauce.

Celebrating Lumpia • Culture and cuisine are wrapped up in the making and sharing of the Philippines’ crispy egg rolls.

Après-Ski Supper • A defining taste of Haute-Savoie, tartiflette showcases a creamy regional cheese by melting it atop a mix of earthy potatoes, smoky bacon, and dry white wine.

The Clandestine History of Reblochon

Leeks Take Center Stage • This sweet, tender allium plays the lead in a classic French preparation.

Homemade Jellied Cranberry Sauce • Give thanks for customizable flavors and forms - and a touch of nostalgia.

Real-Deal Chicken Teriyaki • The sweet, salty, umami-packed dish that’s ubiquitous in the United States is not what you’ll find in Tokyo. Japanese cooking authority Elizabeth Andoh helps set things straight.

Gaman in the Kitchen

Quick and Easy Edible Gifts • These festive sweets can be whipped up on the fly and keep for weeks if not months.

An Iranian Feast • The laid-back, convivial meal known as abgoosht features a lightly spiced mash of lamb and chickpeas, a meaty broth spiked with lime, flatbread, and fresh herbs.

Don’t Assume All Dark Chocolate Is Vegan

Game-Changing Chocolate Mousse • Dairy and eggs are the cornerstones of conventional chocolate mousse. Leaving them out for a vegan version leads to a whole new standard for what this dessert can be.

Ultralight, Ultrachocolaty Mousse in Minutes

Aquafaba: The Egg-Free Miracle Whip


My Favorite Holiday Treat • Tiny fried dough balls coated in honey and colorful sprinkles, struffoli will make you want to gather round with the ones you love.

Choosing the Best Sous Vide Machine • If you’re planning to plunge into sous vide cooking, we’ve got the best tool for the job.


An Ode to Italian Pasta • From agnolotti to ziti, there are many types of Italian pasta to enjoy. We dive deep to answer your pressing pasta questions.



ITALIAN PASTA: A TIMELINE • Italy’s traceable culinary history goes back to the Roman Empire, but only within the last 250 years has pasta been widely consumed across the country. How did it go from a rare delicacy to a staple of the Italian diet?

PERFECT PAIRINGS: MATCHING YOUR PASTA TO YOUR SAUCE • Pasta and sauce combinations are steeped in Italy’s deep regional traditions. Pairing your pasta shape with…