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Homing Device

Mongo Memories • Revisiting a Bears great while he battles a debilitating disease

A Viral Aftermath • One person noted how many long-haul sufferers are middle-aged women [“What COVID Survivors Know,” May]. Finally! I could have written several of these entries myself. Post-COVID aftereffects are not kind.

Best Adopted Pet Photos

Talking Points • This month’s essential Zoom happy hour chatter

Squeezed Out • A day of reckoning is here: After the 2020 census, Chicago can no longer maintain all its Black legislative districts.

Fixing What’s Broken • New Cook County public defender Sharone R. Mitchell Jr. on prioritizing reform

Richard Marx Grooms Each Chest Hair • Flip straight to that and other spicy tidbits in the singer’s name-dropping memoir, Stories to Tell, out July 6.

Ask Chicago

The Surprising History of Cosmetics • In her new book, a local writer examines makeup’s vast cultural impact. (It was even a tool of resistance!) Here’s what we learned.

Tapped Out • News that Alderman Ed Burke was caught on a federal wiretap making an anti-Semitic remark got us thinking: Where does it rank among the most cringe-inducing things local politicians have said under surveillance?

Cozy Wears for Wary Kids • Minor Details brings relief - and major cool cred - to children with sensory challenges.

Hop in Your Step • The cult-fave vegan shoe and accessory brand finally finds a permanent home in West Town.

Ask a Budtender

MR Mayo • Actor, master meditator, pull-up pupil

Wrap Star • Can I massage my way to a peaceful relationship with my corporeal form?

The New Pitmasters • From monster beef ribs to smoked seitan, these spots are blowing up Chicago’s barbecue scene.

Awesome Sauces • Shake up your summer cookouts with these chef-made condiments.

Tacos Árabes

The Hot List • 10 places everyone’s talking about (in order of heat)

God on Call • A hospital chaplain reflects on grief, ghosts, and whether flannel counts as PPE.

CANDACE PARKER COMES HOME • After 13 storied seasons in Los Angeles, the two-time WNBA MVP and former Naperville Central star joins the Chicago Sky. She brings with her some hard-won wisdom.

Summer is Back! • This year, the pleasures of the season are that much sweeter. Make a lip-smacking potato salad, party on a boat, and stuff your face with soft serve. You’ve earned it!

THE 10 BEST HOT DOG STANDS, RANKED • The criteria: unpretentious ambiance, natural-casing wieners (with one exception!), stellar nondog offerings, and a location within city limits

Three Tips to Fancy Up Your Picnic From a Former Picnic Judge

SOCIAL MEDIA SAFARI • TikTok maven Elizabeth Gomez recommends six backgrounds that send just the right message about you.

The Mellowest Getaway • Tune waaaaay out at a pro-pot B&B in Galena.

PARTY IN SEMI-SECLUSION • You feel comfortable enough to hang with close pals but not to mingle in crowds. Here, five ideas for a private bash.

THE FROZEN TREAT MATRIX • A guide to this summer’s can’tmiss cool-down necessities

Looking for the Bike Path Less Traveled • The owners of Roscoe Village Bikes recommend trails where you’re infinitely less likely to hear “On your left!”

Hot Butt Summer • How to fix your flat tush after a year stuck sitting on it

The Least Busy…