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BBC Wildlife Magazine is a celebration of the natural world, featuring all the latest discoveries, news and views on wildlife, conservation and environmental issues. With strong broadcasting links, authoritative journalism and award-winning photography, BBC Wildlife Magazine is essential reading for anyone with a passion for wildlife who wants to understand, experience and enjoy nature more.

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WILD MONTH • As spring brings an abundance of new life, it’s time to talk about the birds and the bee-flies.

MIKE DILGER’S WILDLIFE WATCHING • In his series of great places to watch wildlife in the UK, the star of BBC One’s The One Show this month advocates paying close attention to the periphery of woodlands, rather than venturing between the trees.




THE FUTURE’S BRIGHT • Limpets could inspire the latest tech.

New national parks and AONB to be designated • The Government has pledged £80 million to improve access to nature and better protect the country’s wildlife.

Mixed fortunes for Europe’s breeding birds • Collaborative effort between 48 countries reveals more winners than losers.

Honeybees use animal dung to ward off giant hornets

Cupecuara erwini


Scottish grouse-shooting licenses imminent

Conservation ignores ‘ugly’ animals • Does too much money go on charismatic species?

MARK CARWARDINE • The conservationist discusses the need to be more ambitious when it comes to rewilding, and invites your thoughts on the subject.

Andrew Gray Curator of herpetology at Manchester Museum • A working life that began in the circus lead to helping save critically endangered frogs in Central America and naming a new species after his granddaughter.

EDGES OF EXISTENCE • Riverside habitats are coming under scrutiny as the next big prospect on the rewilding landscape.

Over the fence

SAHARA THE FORGOTTEN ECOSYSTEM • Journeying into the fickle and ever-changing Saharan landscape reveals the hidden lives of the desert’s most-endangered species.

Desert superblooms

Conservation in the Sahara

Family MATTERS • Great crested grebes are known for their synchronised courtship choreography, but these birds work just as well together when it comes to raising chicks.

BEYOND TOURISM • How do you create sustainable conservation without relying on tourist dollars? A new pan-African competition hopes to provide the answers…

Living lightbulbs • From the ocean depths to remote rainforests, bioluminescent organisms light up the natural world. We take an illuminating look at the species that glow in the dark.

Bioluminescence: how does it work? • Discover the fascinating biological processes involved in generating light at a molecular level.


CRACKING THE MYSTERY • Why is the guillemot egg so shaped? ‘To stop it rolling away’ is the textbook answer. But is it correct? Follow one man’s mission to get to the bottom of an evolutionary mystery.

MYTH vs REALITY • Setting the record straight

On thin ice 2019 • Tempted out of the hive by bright spring sunshine, these hungry honeybees quickly became frozen in their tracks.

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At home • Bring a little extra wildlife into your life with the best of this month’s TV, books, podcasts, streaming and much more.



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On the edge of extinction


Room for a little one • One winter’s evening, Samuel Feldman discovered that he wasn’t alone in…