The Copper Heart

Cover Image: The Copper Heart

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…

Lydia has taken over as the leader of the Crow Family and is trying to keep the criminality to the bare minimum. DCI Fleet has told her he is ‘all in’ but there have to be limits and Lydia doesn’t want to find out what they are.

When the head of the Silver Family, Alejandro, drops down dead, Lydia needs to work out whether it was natural causes or murder. And fast.

Lydia has made enemies of the Pearl King, Maria Silver, and her own uncle. Plus, her position at the top puts her in the sights of many more. Lydia has evaded death in the past, and is gaining greater mastery over her power every day, but now she isn’t just worried about saving herself…

Can Lydia find out what happened to Alejandro Silver before she runs out of luck?

Don’t miss the exciting fifth instalment in the bestselling urban fantasy mystery series, Crow Investigations.