Cover Image: Niksen

Niksen is a simple Dutch philosophy for anyone looking to slow down, relax and daydream. Designed to combat our always-on world, it teaches us simple ways to incorporate active rest into our daily lives.

Nowadays, doing nothing can feel almost impossible. Overwhelming workloads, social pressures, omnipresent smartphones and family commitments leave you exhausted, frantic and stressed. The Dutch have a simple ‘be idle’ solution: Niksen shows you how to resist the daily grind, ditch your endless to-do list and reclaim peace of mind. Studies show that you get more done when you work less. So find out when, why and how to niks for a happier, healthier and more productive you.

Annette Lavrijsen offers can-do advice and easy exercises to get you started. Using this liberating book to cultivate niksen you can:

With some sensible scheduling and a smart mindset niksen is easy to fit into your day, and soon will become your essential daily pick-me-up. To stop is to succeed so start enjoying life’s little pauses, claim your timeout and turn to this witty guide whenever you want to declutter your mind.