Cover Image: Inseparable

Much more than a sports memoir, in Inseparable Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin share the previously untold details of the powerful and inspiring story behind the modern NFL’s first one-handed player, and his twin brother’s unrelenting devotion, sacrifice, and love. It’s the story of Shaquem’s understanding of God’s purpose for his life - to inspire others to stop being afraid and to stop making excuses - and his family’s unwavering support in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The Griffins' unlikely underdog story has already captured the imagination of millions of football fans and physically challenged people around the world.

Dive deeper into the Griffins' journey with the photos and study guide available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

It was a smart choice to use a pair of narrators, James Shippy and Marc Samuel, for this joint memoir by twin brothers. Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin played youth sports together and vowed to do the same with college football. Now they both play for the Seattle Seahawks. The two narrators create individual identities for the brothers while keeping their dialogue straight for the listener. Both narrators do a fine job, especially with enunciating clearly. The story focuses often on Shaquem, who is an amputee; he is without his left hand because he was born with amniotic band syndrome. Shippy and Samuel provide energetic and gregarious portrayals of two young men who don’t let anything get in the way of their achievements. Review by Audiofile Magazine.