Rose's Run

Cover Image: Rose's Run

After losing her job and being left by her rock musician husband, Rose Okanese, a single mother of two feisty girls, resolves to claim some self-respect. She decides the fastest way to do that is to run the reserve’s annual marathon, but her training is sidetracked when she must do battle with an ancient demon. With a cast of unusual characters, Dawn Dumont weaves a tale of motherly love, friendship, lustful longing, wihtikow lore, and Rez humour that keeps the hoopla going until the race is done. “Rose’s Run is unlike any other book I’ve ever read: it’s part Lee Maracle, part Stephen King, part Eden Robinson, and a whole lot of fun . . .What a read. What a writer. Wow!”  -  Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed and Godless but Loyal to Heaven “Dawn Dumont is the funniest girl on the Rez! She is hilarious, insightful, and a wonderful writer, gifted with both a razor sharp observational wit and a generous and kind heart.”  -  Kelley-Jo Burke, The Selkie Wife and Ducks on the Moon