Strange Seas

Cover Image: Strange Seas

I am woven through your past, as you are through mine - and both of us through theirs, the sea-peoples’. Hugo- and Nebula Award-winner Charnas has written a book about humans, her own past, and how our lives have always been intertwined with the creatures of the seas. “Strange Seas” is Charnas’ first nonfiction book, and her first e-book. An investigation into personal questions about herself and her writing grew to encompass not just her past, but the pasts of all of us. “I saw a lot of closed doors inside the house of myself, labeled ‘I don’t care,’ ‘I don’t know,’ and - the majority - ‘I don’t remember.’ But one stood open, the one that Miriam’s words had unlatched and flung wide - ‘I don’t believe.’ There was no denying what lay beyond. The whales had souls, and I had been a killer of whales.” Available only as an e-book, from Hidden Knowledge.