Picture Purrfect

Cover Image: Picture Purrfect

Miguel Rosado wants nothing more than to see and draw the world… or at least anywhere beyond the four walls of his family’s bodega in Washington Heights.

Too bad his mami and papi have him working long hours after school, hoping he’ll appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made to keep the store afloat. For street-savvy and newly adopted cat Lolo, that sounds just perfect if it means he’s far, far away from the hungry, lonely nights he once spent in the freezing-cold outdoors.

But when Miguel ditches his responsibilities and lies to his parents about joining art club, his dream of juggling it all comes crashing down. Lolo will have to decide if he’s willing to be there for his new friend Miguel through anything - even venturing back into the frightful and busy New York City sidewalks. Can they trust each other enough to take on this adventure together?

A warm tale that embraces, sings, purrs, and never lets go! Bodega Cats reminds us home is wherever a friend can be found! - Julian Randall, author of Pilar Ramirez and the Escape from Zafa

This audiobook has a supplemental PDF.