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Welcome to How It Works, the magazine that explains everything you never knew you wanted to know about the world we live in. Loaded with fully illustrated guides and expert knowledge, and with sections dedicated to science, technology, transportation, space, history and the environment, no subject is too big or small for How It Works to explain.

WELCOME • “Acts of kindness, especially to ourselves, can reduce stress and boost self-esteem”

Light pillar phenomenon

GLOBAL EYE • Showcasing the incredible world we live in


Understanding MENTAL HEALTH • Take a tour of the brain to discover the origins of anxiety and how to tackle it

NAUTOMATE: LIFE-SAVING AUTONOMOUS BOATS • Discover the marine rescue technology that removes humans from dirty, dull and dangerous missions

COULD A SUPERNOVA ENGULF EARTH? • We put some intriguing, baffling and bizarre space questions under the spotlight

SUPER SPACEX ROCKET ENGINE • This revolutionary new propulsion system is set to change space launches

WHAT ARE ULTRA-PROCESSED FOODS? • Some natural products are drastically transformed by the food industry, and regularly eating them can affect our health

VITAMIN BALANCE • Can a lack or excess of key vitamins and minerals really cause so much damage to our bodies?

HOW RAINBOWS FORM • The physics behind these colourful optical illusions

WHY WATER HAS ‘SKIN’ • How the surface tension of water forms a film

ANIMALS ON THE BRINK • Meet some of the most critically endangered animals from around the world and discover why they’re on the brink of extinction

HOW WATERFALLS FORM • Over time, the power of flowing water can gouge channels out of the land and shape solid rock

WHEN AI GOES WRONG • Artificial intelligence allows machines to think like humans, at least in theory. Here are seven instances when these smart computers didn’t function as planned

HOW A DEFIBRILLATOR WORKS • This life-saving device can be used by medical professionals and the general public

APPLE VISION PRO TEARDOWN • This new mixed-reality headset removes the need for a screen, bringing your digital applications into the space around you

INCREDIBLE D-DAY INVENTIONS • How daring innovations allowed the Allies to land on the beaches of Normandy in 1944

HOW STONEHENGE WAS BUILT • Who built this stone circle and how was this ancient feat of engineering pulled off?

BRAINDUMP • Amazing answers to your curious questions

Is there any other planet that humans could inhabit?

THE LIBRARY • The latest book releases for curious minds

BRAIN GYM • Give your brain a puzzle workout

HOW TO… • Practical projects to try at home

INBOX • Speak your mind

How It Works

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