Cover Image: Supernatural

Join Sam, Dean, and Castiel as they work together to dust a very spooky monster in this officially licensed book inspired by the hit television series.

Sam and Dean Winchester are more than brothers - they are brothers who hunt and fight demons together! They learned from the best and are practically pros, so when Dean finds their dad’s journal and the tale of the haunted Waverly Hills Boarding House, the brothers just have to check it out. Dean and Sam meet up with their friend Castiel at the house and are eager to get to work defeating whatever is luring inside; however, after an encounter with a powerful yellow-eyed demon, the brothers can’t seem to agree on how to solve the problem and send this monster packing. As they explore the house, they encounter even more demons and creatures, (and even run into a few less spooky faces), but will Sam and Dean be able to stop fighting and listen to each other in order to break the curse on the house and save the day? Follow the Winchester brothers on their adventure in this officially licensed book inspired by the beloved television show Supernatural.