Dare to Be Daring

Cover Image: Dare to Be Daring

From rising star Chelsea Lin Wallace comes a rhyming, rollicking picture book read-aloud about facing your fears, big or small—perfect for fans of I Am Courage and Max the Brave

Today I will dare to be daring.

You say this is pea and beef stew?

It’s green and it’s grimy.

It moved! And it’s slimy!

“I did it! I ate something new!”

From tasting a new food to a trip to the dentist (or the basement!), this picture book is an invitation to be brave in the face of what feels scary. Big or small, fears can feel overwhelming. What if I say “hi” but my new friend doesn’t say “hi” back? What if I get back on my bike and I fall again? What is that sound in the basement, anyway?!

Kids are courageous at heart, and every time they dare to be daring, they learn—with a little bit more certainty—that they are brave enough to try just about anything.