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QUANTUM PROCESSOR? • The ‘first product of the quantum processing algorithm’ was, in fact, not that

Highs & Lows

A LARA DIVIDED • How TOMB RAIDER’s early marketing campaigns objectified an icon

IDENTITY CRISIS • The many faces of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft

SMOOTH AS SILK • Some famous animation examples

ANIMATED DISCUSSION • Sumo Digital’s THOMAS CROFTS on the craft and importance of animation in games

PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE LOST CROWN • Not the Prince of Persia game you wanted, but the one you need

CYBERPUNK 2077: PHANTOM LIBERTY • We played Cyberpunk 2077’s expansion at Summer Game Fest

PAYDAY 3 • Robbing a bank without a plan is as hard as it sounds

TOTAL WAR: PHARAOH • Total War returns to a more grounded take

ASSASSIN’S CREED MIRAGE • Ubisoft is making the Assassin’s Creed I’ve been asking for

MORTAL KOMBAT 1 • With SF6 and MK1, we’ll be talking about 2023 for decades

STAR WARS OUTLAWS • Ubisoft’s Star Wars game looks like the best thing it’s made in ages

BALDUR’S FATE • After more than two decades, the wait is finally over. BALDUR’S GATE III is here and, as PC Gamer discovers, it’s changing the scope of what a CRPG can offer forever

CASTING CALL • Meet just a few of Baldur’s Gate III’s potential new companions

THE BALDUR’S GATE CRPG TIMELINE • Follow the series’ numerous releases on PC

WELCOME TO THE CITY OF BALDUR’S GATE • The metropolis has been lovingly recreated by Larian Studios

A TRIPLE THREAT • Meet Baldur’s Gate III’s primary antagonists

DEAD GOOD • RUNESCAPE is one of PC gaming’s oldest and most successful MMOs, and with its upcoming NECROMANCY skill and content expansion, looks set to continue its storied legacy

RUNESCAPE’S TIMELINE • Major events in the MMOs history

WHAT IS RUNEFEST? • The festival of all things RuneScape is a big deal

DOOM GUY • PC Gamer talks to industry legend JOHN ROMERO about his life in videogames

LEAVING ID • Extract from Doom Guy, recalling the split between John Romero and John Carmack


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THE BUTCHER RETURNS • Diablo IV’s iconic boss is equipped to kill you

LIVING HELL • Fiery builds and lots of skeletons in the fantastical darkness of DIABLO IV

PICK YOUR PLAYSTYLE • Rogue vs Necromancer

ELIGIBLE BACHELOR(ETTE)S • A who’s who of London’s likeliest suitors

FIRST DATE JITTERS • Date squids and solve murders in MASK OF THE ROSE

SEMI-PRECIOUS • THE LORD OF THE RINGS: GOLLUM charms despite a fractured identity

PRECIOUS DAYS • Gollum’s average day


ROLLERPOSER TYCOON • Parking up the wrong tree in PARK BEYOND

A LITERAL ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS • Putting the ‘art’ in ‘line chart’

A WOLF IN JEEP’S CLOTHING • LEGO 2K DRIVE is a tried and tested formula, ruined by corporate greed

LE-GO OF YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS • Parents are going to be bricking it…