The Stagecraft Handbook

Cover Image: The Stagecraft Handbook

Get the complete, illustrated guide to scenery construction

Using nails and wood, fabric and paint, hardware and rigging, you create an illusion. You build the make-believe world of the play.

Now you have a scene-shop manual to help you. In The Stagecraft Handbook, Daniel A. Ionazzi, director of production for the UCLA Department of Theater, offers trap-room-to-grid guidance. Clearly written, heavily illustrated, this book covers every aspect of scenery construction.

Turn here and learn about:

   • the four primary stage configurations–proscenium, thrust, arena and environmental

   • flying scenery and moving floors

   • organizing the scene shop to make good scenery quickly and inexpensively

   • shop tools and safety

   • scaled drawings, models and other communications tools you’ll use to translate the designer’s vision into a set

   • materials commonly used in building scenery

   • construction techniques for flats, platforms and other standard scenic units

   • installing and rigging scenery

   • maintaining an inventory of stock scenery

Let The Stagecraft Handbook help you turn ordinary materials into extraordinary illusions.